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Mattresses for a good night's sleep

We also specialised in mattresses!  We have more than 30 models on display.  You will have a lot to discover and compare.  The Tempur pressure relieving mattresses - developed by NASA - are undoubtedly one of our bestsellers.  In the 1970's the US space agency  was in need to develop a material that is able to absorb the huge pressure on an astronaut's body during take-off.  Afterwards the material was further developed by scientists before it was used in the production of mattresses.

Testing Tempur mattresses in the Tempur cubicle

A Tempur mattresses snugly fits your body contours and at the same time it adapts itself to your body temperature and your weight.  The unique material is soft enough to yield to your body weight, but at the same time it is firm enough to support you gently. This guarantees a sound foundation for healthy sleeping; you will start each new day well-rested, ready to bear the brunt of life.

Feel free to come and test different mattresses in our special, blacked out sleeping cubicle.  Never has it been so easy to find the right mattress.

Let yourself be inspired by 'LUXXEA, our new lifestyle brand!

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