For over 40 years the leading provider of bespoke furniture and kitchens.

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Furniture Oestreicher - Selling furniture since 1972

Furniture Oestreicher has been the leading provider of custom-made furniture and kitchens in Luxembourg for more than 40 years.  The firm was originally located in Clervaux in the north of Luxembourg before moving to Marnach in the mid 80's.  New premises were built and included both an exhibition hall and offices and our headquarters can still be found here.  We employ 22 full-time staff, who all work hard to present our customers with the best state-of-the-art furniture and exquisite interior design products. Together with Ameublements Thill in Hosingen, Furniture Oestreicher is part of the 'Eislecker Miwwelstrooss' (The Oesling road to furniture)

Why choose Furniture Oestreicher?

We boast: 

  • highly-trained staff
  • a life-long after-sales service
  • an in-house carpentry work-shop
  • an in-house sewing workshop
  • free delivery and assembly
  • disposal of your obsolete furniture

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A brief chronicle of Furniture Oestreicher

  • 1972: Inauguration of Furniture Oestreicher in Clervaux
  • 1978:  Expansion of Furniture Oestreicher
  • 1986:  Moving to Marnach
  • 1989:  First expansion of the site
  • 1993: The show-room for kitchens expands to 600 sqm
  • 2003:  The bedroom section is increased to 1600 sqm
  • 2012:  Takeover by Thill group. A new 6000-sqm store is set up with new collections, new brands and a new shopping experience for visitors.
  • 2013: Inauguration of the Éisleker Miwwelstrooss in collaboration with Ameublements Thill.
    2015: Demolition of the former edifice and building of a new bigger showroom.

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