Create a cosy home

5 tips for successful interior design:

1st tip:
Suitable furniture sizes and proportions
Measure your room carefully and choose furniture that fits the proportions perfectly.
Make sure that the furniture is neither too high nor too low and allows sufficient freedom of movement in the room.
Opt for multifunctional pieces of furniture to save space and meet the needs of your family.

2nd tip:
Use lighting consciously
Use different light sources such as ceiling lights, floor lamps and table lamps to create a pleasant atmosphere.
Use dimmable lamps to adjust the brightness to your mood.
Take natural light sources such as windows into account when positioning furniture.

3rd tip:
Decoration with a personal touch
Select a few favourite pieces that match your personal taste.
Incorporate personal items such as photos and memorabilia into the room decoration.
Leave enough free space on shelves and surfaces to avoid a cluttered atmosphere.

4th tip:
Pay attention to colour harmony and texture variety
Decide on a main colour palette of two or three colours as the basis for the room design. Experiment with different textures by combining soft fabrics with harder materials. Make sure that decorative elements are coordinated in terms of colour and style.

5th tip: Prioritise functionality and comfort
Plan the room carefully and consider the planned activities and the furniture required for them.
Opt for ergonomic seating that supports the body and is comfortable to use.
Consider the flow of traffic in the room when arranging furniture and accessories to ensure functionality.

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